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Sari Ruoskanen
Here is mostly my Lara Croft cosplay, and some other pics and drawings. I have stopped cosplay but felt keeping the pics here :)

When it comes to the cosplay, I have worked hard to be able to plan and make the outfits (and thank you mum for teaching me pattern making and sewing <3), done lots of photoshoot planning and training, and it has been an amazing journey! So grateful for everything!
The Sari Croft turned into a project of its own, almost like a character of my own. This took me over two years but I love the outcome, and it's a dream come true!
Photographer is usually my little sister, who unfortunately doesn't want to give her name here.
Most of the cosplay pics are photographed in the beautiful Turku in Finland :aww:
And since I get asked this often, yes, the hair is mine :D

I used to train all sorts of gymnastics moves and Lara stuff on my own, I even instructed acrobatics classes. Now I mostly do functional training and yoga mixed with gymnastics/acrobatics. I also bike everywhere, and love hiking, climbing, martial arts, random dancing, fun sports with others... Depends on the mood, chances, weather etc :D

Electronic music is a huge part of my life also, and just music overall! :tunes: In my free time I study music production with Ableton Live and dj'ing with Traktor :3
A few mixtapes in my mixcloud (DJ Whippie) :3

I'm mostly active on instagram instagram :3

NOTE: you can use my pics as references etc as long as you credit me :3

NB. Please be careful if you wanna try some moves, even if I'm selftaught with these I'm very lucky to have avoided big injuries and I studied lots before attempting anything, be sure to know what you do, or ask me or someone :)


Have a look at what MagicOfSnow edited Quietly does it by MagicOfSnow  :3 
Accidentally talked about this on fb only, but so if you follow my cosplay, read this please.

This comes a little late because I also wanted to share one last thing which would have been the Cosvision presentation video, but I have to make this update finally, the video won't come at least in a month still.

I'm quitting cosplay. As cliché as it sounds, all things come to an end at some point. 
I'm forever grateful for your fandom and support, and for the whole experience :)

Also I understand unfollowings. But will keep watching some.

I'll keep most of the pics in dA and some in fb too, I hope to help and inspire still :)

I still can't wait to share the presentation video, I was so excited about it. And you'll see a move similar to one many have been asking about over the years :D

<3 Sari

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Gil59sixty Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
When you come back to visit us?   Miss u ! :) (Smile) 
Drako1997 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oli muuten hienot setit Traconissa viikko sitten! Sääli että missasin puolet siitä kauppareissun takia... Ja palattuani vain pieno osa Melodocoren setin aikana olleista tyypeist oli paikalla. Kait se vaan on sen takia ettei Trance oikein ole parasta reivimusaa. :/

Mutta väliäkö sillä, omaan mieleen se sopi vallan mainiosti ja oli kiva kokea ainakin loppupuolisko esityksestäsi! Trance on kummiski elektroniikkagenreist paras~ <3 

Teet siis useinkin DJ-keikkoja? Siinä tapauksessa toivottavasti onii suosii ja pääsen katsomaan/kuuntelemaan soittoasi joskus uudestaan tulevaisuudessa!

t. se pitkätukkanen, rillipäinen toope eturivistä
sariruoskanen Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
Voi kiitos :heart: musta siellä oli just kivast porukkaa ku idea oli et sai chillaa tai tulla tanssii :) ja sain ihme kyllä paljon kehuja,ja pari sanoi, että oli just sopiva kevennys kaikelle sille paukkeelle :D 
Ihan parasta, että iski, ja olit viel eturivis :aww: Valitettavasti en pääse paljoa pitää keikkoja ja se on vaikeaa amk opintojen ohessa, mutta pysyn aktiivisena niin katsotaan, mitä seuraavaksi :) 
Gil59sixty Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
A big thank you for the Llama !!!......Hug 
sariruoskanen Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
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